It has been a great time for both Yannick and myself. We started a company from scratch and grew the business in a time where competition was fierce and in a world that experienced terrorist attacks, volcano eruptions and of course Covid-19. Ultimately, we found the right setting and most importantly, the right staff and supporting customers.

E-commerce, handling, X-ray, import, export and warehousing. We have done it all and we had a great time developing a well structured and organized set-up. We would like to thank our loyal customers, our staff and business partners for the trust they have given us during the past years.

We would like to end our goodbye message by announcing that we, in cooperation with Brussels Airport Company (Johan Leunen), managed to sign a contract for the clearance of shipments.

It has been a real pleasure to work with the bpost group and we trust that our decision will open new opportunities for Freight4U and bpost.

With kind regards,
Bram and Yannick